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A little about your Headliner:

refrence: http://www.geoffkeith.com

Geoff Keith began performing stand up comedy at the end of 2003.  Since then he has been making a name for himself and audiences and industry have both been taking notice.  After Keith's first time on stage he walked off and heard an audience member saying, "remember that kid's name."

He spent his first two years traveling all over Southern California every night driving over 100 miles per night just to get stage time.  He performed at AA meetings, restaurants, swap meets, nudist colonies, bars, clubs, etc.  Whether there were two people or 200 people he would make the drive. 

Soon he began traveling to other states such as Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Nevada for gigs.  The drives did not get any shorter going from state to state each day.

In January 2006 he got an opportunity to work a week at the Sacramento Punchline Comedy Club with Pablo Francisco.  Francisco immediately brought Keith on the road with him for the remainder of the year giving Keith tons of experience working in front of packed crowds at the top clubs in the country.  Francisco also included Keith in his one hour Comedy Central special "Pablo Francisco's: Ouch!" which aired in 2006. Since then Keith has appeared on Playboy TV's "Night Calls," Comedy Central's "Live at Gotham," CBS's "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson," ABC's "Comic's Unleashed with Byron Allen," HBO's "Down and Dirty with Jim Norton," BET's "One Mic Stand," E! Channel's "Chelsea Lately," and some others. He also was asked to perform at the Vancouver Comedy Festival in 2006 and the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, Quebec in 2007. 

On the acting front Keith was featured in "Coach Carter" and "Even Money" and has appeared in two national commercials.  Along with those accomplishments, he had a development deal with Turner Broadcasting to create funny webisodes for their internet site SuperDeluxe.com. Keith also filmed a secret project for Ashton Kutcher which included funny short videos where he was the star. Kutcher directed four of the videos and Keith improvised the rest himself with Kutcher's approval. 

Keith most recently finished shooting two seasons as one of the stars of MTV's "Disaster Date" with memorable characters such as "Mayhem the Wrestler," the "Homeless Guy," "Mr. Romance," and many more.

Currently, Keith is touring the country performing at colleges and comedy clubs alike.




A little about your Headliner:

refrence: http://www.thairivera.com

Name: Thai Rivera

Thai Rivera will make you uncomfortable in the best way possible. His politically incorrect style of humor has taken the comedy world by storm.

Having moved from Arizona to LA Thai quickly became a fixture and force on the comedy scene. After becoming a favorite and regular at clubs such as the Hollywood Improv and World Famous Laugh Factory he started to travel across the country in the most unlikely of places, redneck bars.

He has performed with some of the biggest name’s in the world of stand up, some of you may recognize him from the Jo Koy Comedy Tour, he has also been featured on Comedy Central’s Live At Gotham and The Logo Network’s One Night Stand up.

While Thai is very proud of who and what he is his disarming style and easy going delivery will put you at ease and there is no doubt that by the end of his set you will understand that Thai is comic who happens to be gay and not a gay comic, or as he would put it “a comic who happens to be a fag and not a fag comic.”

Thai’s comedy has not only taken him across this country but as far away as Austraiia and Thule Greenland where he performed for our troops.


A little about your Headliner:

refrence: http://www.charlestoncomedyfestival.com

Name: Trixx
Nationality: Ghanaian/Canadian (Toronto)

Bio: It’s no secret that Trixx is known more for comedy than controversy, always hitting the stage with big laughs, leaving the audience wanting more. A finalist in The Great Canadian Laugh-Off, this performer has proven time and again that he’s not only funny, but also insightful and multi-talented. As one of Canada’s next generation of up and coming comedians, TRIXX has developed quite a following via the college circuit, corporate and concert events, and comedy clubs across the nation. A naturally gifted entertainer, TRIXX has been blessed with the enviable talent of being able to connect with his audience, regardless of race, age or gender. As a regular on (Canada) Much Music’s “Video On Trial” and “Stars Gone Wild”, he has opened for Russell Peters (NY Comedy Festival), Cedric the Entertainer (Original King of Comedy), Mike Epps, Aries Spears (of MadTV Fame) and Sugar Sammy (HBO Canada), Tracy Morgan (30 Rock), and is a favorite at the Nubian Disciples of Comedy, hosted by Kenny Robinson. An avid student of pop culture and observer of life; TRIXX offers his unique, fresh and witty perspective, from relationships to race relations, and the hard truths of day-to-day life.


A little about your Headliner:

Edwin San Juan, one of the “original” Los Angeles based comedians, is well received from multicultural audiences of all ages, both internationally and at home.

He has entertained our troops with the ‘Around the World in Eight Days’ USo campaign and has appeared on multiple Showtime Comedy Specials, such as ‘Edwin San Juan Presents, Pacific Rim Comedy’. Where he serves as creator and executive producer, showcasing some of the funniest Asian comedians out today! He also had over a million hits on youtube, making it one of the most requested clips amongst comedy fans around the world!

Edwin has made several television appearances on multiple networks such as Comedy Central, ABC, UPN, NBC, BET, and Si TV. His appearances include ‘Live at Gotham’, ‘Latino Laugh Festival’, ‘Inside Joke’, ‘Destination Stardom’, and he reigned as the Grand Champion of the ‘Talent Agency’ with 9 consecutive victories.

Be on the look out for this rising star’s, soon to be released, one hour special and his first movie venture, the hilarious comedy ‘I`m Not Like That No More’, co-starring Paul Rodriguez and Felipe Esparza.


About your Headliner:

Adam Hunter 

refrence adamhunter.com 

A New York City Native, Adam Hunter is one of the hottest young comedians around today. He headlines all over the country, putting his heart and soul into every performance with an act that is brash, deep and hilarious. Adam was a finalist on season 6 of “Last Comic Standing”, has appeared on Jay Leno’s “Tonight Show”, “Chelsea Lately”, ”The Late Late Show”, MTV, VH1, TruTV CBS, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon’s “See Dad Run” and performed at arenas, colleges and clubs all over the world.  He’s also done numerous military tours for our Armed Services on bases in the Far East, Middle East, Africa and South America as well as here at home.

Adam is a 4 time New England Prep School Wrestling Champion (a feat accomplished only 3 times in the 150 Year Old prestigious Class A Tourney) and twice was voted Outstanding Wrestler of the Tournament.  His “MMA Roasted” web series which he created, wrote and hosts is seen by a multitude of fans every time there is an MMA Event and is featured regularly on Foxsports.com.

A prolific writer, Adam was the head writer of the Versus TV “MMA Awards” for 3 years running and his current projects include the  TV Pilot “Kamikaze Comedy” of which he was also the the EP and host and  “So You Think You’re A Tough Guy”, “Adam Hunter’s A.D.D.” and two Feature Scripts, “Pinned” and “Comic Stripped”.  He also currently hosts two podcasts, “MMARoasted” and “Hunter’s World”.  His “Texts from Last Fight” is also featured on Foxsports.com in conjunction with the UFC.

He was the host of the TV show “Man Up Stand Up” on MavTV” and has appeared on Showtime’s “Whiteboyz in Da Hood,” “Comic’s Unleashed,” “Entertainers,” “Latino Laugh Festival,” and “Loco Comedy Jam.” and appeared in sketches on “Conan O’Brien” and “Jimmy Kimmel”. He was the subject of the MTV show “True Life I am a Comic”.

On stage Adam talks about his issues concerning relationships, his dysfunctional family, and other life observations. He brings his most painful experiences such as his mother abandoning the family when he was 3, his family history with substance abuse, his issues with women, religion, pop culture and more to the stage in a hilarious matter in which everyone can identify with. Adam can bring down any house with his view of the world. Adam Hunter is a star in the making and you definitely want to catch his act!


About your Headliner:

Robert Duchaine 

refrence robertduchaine.com 

Robert Duchaine is a surly misanthrope. His sarcastic social commentary pokes fun at a myriad of topics including race, religion, and relationships.

He’s been kicked out of every organization he was ever forced to join, from the Cub Scouts to the U.S. Army, and fired from every job he ever finagled. Robert finally found a refuge where he can make his own rules - the stand-up comedy stage.

Now an established national touring headliner, Robert performs regularly in Las Vegas show rooms, colleges, comedy clubs and concert venues. Duchaine is also involved in avant-garde theater and independent film. Robert's unique perspective fuels an act that pushes the envelope. Duchaine is candid, entertaining, and always hilarious!


About your Headliner:

Shawn Halpin

refrence shawnhalpin.com 

Shawn Halpin started his Comedy career in Dallas. Since moving to LA Shawn became the feature act for Pauly Shore on the "The Pauly Shore Tour", and for Tom Green on the "The Tom Green World Stand Up Comedy Tour”. Shawn has also performed in the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival, Boston Comedy Festival and is a regular at The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood. Shawn, a former Marine has Entertained with Troops with the USO, “Comics on Duty”, “G.I.’s of Comedy” and “Operation Comedy”, stateside and in Afghanistan.

Shawn Halpin is the Creator and Co-Host of “The Full Count Podcast” now available on iTunes. Shawn recently shot a pilot for the Discovery Channel and his debut Comedy CD “TEXAS CRUDE” will be available soon on iTunes.


A little about your Headliner:

Lisa Landry


Lisa Landry came up through the famed New York City comedy circuit to become an audience favorite at clubs, colleges and theaters across the country.

Landry has appeared on CBS’s “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” & “The Bonnie Hunt Show” on NBC. She starred in her own half hour Special, “Comedy Central Presents Lisa Landry.” And a nationwide vote catapulted her special to third place out of 100 top comedians in Comedy Central’s annual “Standup Showdown.” She’s the first woman to ever place in the top three.

Landry’s CD Put Your Keys in the Key Bowl was selected by iTunes as one of the “Top 10 Best Comedy CDs” of 2008. She is one of a handful of comedians chosen by TBS for their “We Know Funny” series of stand-up style commercials. She’s also appeared on Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend” and co-starred on NBC’s “Law and Order: SVU.”

The Louisiana native was featured on “Brett Butler’s Southern Belles of Comedy” DVD. She did commentary for E!’s “Forbes Top 100 Celebrities” and CMT’s “20 Greatest Redneck Moments,” where Landry was chosen as a “Top Pick” by TV Guide. Her guest appearances include Fox’s “Morning Show with Mike and Juliet,” the “Bob and Tom Show,” Fox’s “Redeye” and the “Hollyweird” segment on MSNBC’s “Scarborough Country.” For four years, Landry was a comedy writer for US Weekly Magazine. Punchline Magazine describes Landry best: “She’s an incredibly skilled comedian, a controlling presence onstage and a master of pacing and delivery.”

Trust us, you don’t want to miss seeing Lisa Landry!






A little about your Headliner:

Kevin Shea


reference laughfactory.com

Kevin Shea was originally born in Seoul, Korea, and in January of 1981, he was adopted and sent to America to live with a middle class Irish family in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He is the son of James and Madalyn Shea, parents of five children, two white chicks, two Korean boys, and one Korean girl. Both parents were middle class. James was a Korean War vet and a decorated police officer, and Madalyn was a factory worker. His parents' personalities were spitted images of Archie and Edith Bunker. It was as if All in the Family was combined with Different Strokes.

Being from a very middle class family, Shea was the first to attend college. After graduating from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Shea was curious to explore the rest of the country, so he moved to San Francisco in 2000. There he would discover stand up.

After moving to San Francisco, Shea started a career in the internet industry which lasted a whole year. In 2002, he was laid off and was convinced by a friend to go to an open mic. Influenced by Eddie Murphy Raw, Shea decided to go to the open mic dressed in a purple leather jumpsuit, not a good idea. His first set was not very good.

Not trying to become the typical Asian comic, Shea strayed away from Korean accents based on their mothers', plus, his mom is a honkey. He concentrated on developing his own style which has said to be very laid back and fresh. With his unique style and jokes, he caught the eyes of Hollywood and was invited to the prestigious Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival.

Shea has numerous television appearances which include Comedy Central's Premium Blend, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and most recently, HBO's Down and Dirty with Jim Norton. He is currently living in Los Angeles.


A little about your Headliner:

Tom Simmons


reference tomsimmonscomedy.org

Tom Simmons was born in New York and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. He is married to the love of his life, Serena, for more than a decade. Together, they have a son named Owen. “We figured, that’s what we would be doing for the rest of our lives.” Before Owen’s birth in 2004, Tom and Serena toured the continent in their RV, devoted to perfecting Tom’s stage act and putting their relationship to the test.

The Simmons now live in Greensboro, North Carolina, the “epicenter of comedy”, as Tom describes it with a huge grin. “We bought a house from the seventies, and there’s lots of work to do. All I need now is a husband.”

 He is competed and won or placed in  several National Comedy Contest including:  San Francisco Comedy Competion and Boston and Montero Comedy Fiestval, and has been seen on Showtime & BET.



A little about your Headliner:

Ben Morrison


reference benmorrison.org

One of the most electrifying young performers in Hollywood, Ben Morrison has spent his entire life entertaining. Acting and performing since age 6, Morrison is a graduate of the prestigious NYU TISCH school of the arts, and has been a professional comedian and speaker for over 12 years. A regular at the lauded Improv and Laugh Factory clubs, Morrison regularly tours the country delivering his unforgettable headlining act and now wants to bring what he does best right to you.

Morrison is best known as the lead on the 8th season of MTV-hit Punk’d and as ‘Young Eli David on television’s #1 show NCIS. He has also appeared opposite Shaq and Nic Cannon on the Cartoon Network, on season 5 of Last Comic Standing, and as Abe Lincoln Vampire Slayer in spoof ’30 Days of Paranormal Activity.” Additionally his new comedy album ‘Earn Some Crazy’, which was taped live on the Vegas strip, is now on sale, following up the success of his previous albums ‘Theater Degree’ and ‘Pain in the Butt’. If you want the hardest working young professional in showbiz, Morrison is your man.

Morrison also works with a wide-range of charities hosting and producing their live-events. In the past two years he has worked closely with organizations such as the Kobe Bryant Family Foundation, Charity:Water, The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, Autism Speaks and Guns’N'Roses’s Hands Together to name a few. His efforts have helped raise over 2 million dollars for the various causes he represents and he was honored to be nominated for the Classy Awards ‘Volunteer of the Year’ in 2011. Additionally his nationally recognized work in the field of Crohn’s and Colitis led the Huffington Post to name him the #1 most influential celebrity with Crohn’s as well as 2 keynote speeches with the TED-esq Ideation Conference

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A little about your Headliner:

Ron Josol


reference parallelentertainment.com


Ron Josol represents a new generation of comedy. With his modish comedy style and commanding stage presence, he is one of today’s hottest acts.

Ron has taken his comedy around the world and has performed in Canada, U.S., Pacific Islands, Persian Gulf, Asia, Central America, the Carribean and the in the Middle East.

In Ron’s 2nd year performing as a comedian, he won the coveted Craven A’s funniest Homegrown Competition at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. Since then he has been performing regularly at various Festivals including, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, Just For Laughs Festival, the International Comedy Fest 2K8, The Orange County Comedy Festival and the LOL Comedy Festival in Hollywood, California.

Indubitably, the most recognizable Asian comedian in Canada, Ron was profiled on the Comedy Network, ABS-CBN Asia, Showtime Dubai, CBC, Discovery Channel, Echo, Omni 1&2, MTV Canada, and recently the Biography Channel in Canada.

Ron has hosted his own television series on Omni 2’s network called, “FLIP”. He produced, co-wrote and starred as the lead of a short film based on his true story entitled, “Rolling Longaniza,” which aired on CBC Zflicks. He has written and performed on Much Music hit shows “Video on Trial” and “Much More Music”.

Ron has taped numerous stand-up comedy specials in his career, including, “Ethnical Difficulties” for CBC, where he was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for that performance, “Comedy Now”, on CTV/Comedy network. He has been featured in ABS-CBN’s Slanted comedy taped at the San Jose Improv and recently recorded 2 comedy specials produced by Showtime Dubai. This lead to his first US television appearance on LOL Comedy Festival on Showtime USA







A little about your Headliner:


reference K-voncomedy.com

The star of MTV’s hit show “Disaster Date,” K-von’s humor has made audiences laugh all over the world! His hilarious hidden-camera show displays his talents as each character proves funnier and more outrageous than the last.

On stage, K-von has become a crowd favorite as he pokes fun at himself, current events, and of course, the perils of growing up with a dad from the Middle-East, and a mom from Middle-America.

Performing internationally as a headliner and hosting special events year-round, he often shares the stage with comedians like Maz Jobrani, Russell Peters, Daniel Tosh, and Brad Garrett just to name a few.

Whether acting, hosting, or performing stand-up, you can catch K-von on television, on his popular Youtube channel, or better yet, check him out live in a city near




A little about your Headliner:

Brandt Tobler

reference brandttobler.com


At the age of 13, he went to McCormick Jr. high school, where he began to make people laugh. He also excelled at basketball and water fights. Brandt was voted Class Clown in ninth grade; he has a picture proving this claim in a yearbook on a shelf in his mother’s garage, if you don’t believe him.
Girls still could not stand him.
At the age of 16, Brandt went to high school at Central High, where he was a two-sport star, playing basketball and soccer. He was often compared to Bo Jackson because he liked to wear Nikes and Umbro shorts. He was once again voted Class Clown because he “…knew people that could make that sort of thing happen.”
At the age of 19, Brandt entered a junior college in Wyoming. After about a month he dropped out.
At 20, he went to junior college again, but proceeded to drop out after one month. AGAIN.
At 21, he decided to give it the “Old College Try” once more, this time in Arizona. However, as usual, he dropped out. (This go-round lasted seven whole months.)
College girls didn’t really like him either.
Once he turned 22, Brandt finally came to the conclusion that secondary education was not for him, and he decided to move to Las Vegas with hopes of getting a job as a pirate at Treasure Island. Unfortunately, after his first day on the job, Brandt realized that he was allergic to parrots — and 9-to-5 employment — thus forcing him to retire from Pirate Life forever. He began doing stand-up in the Las Vegas open-mic scene and quickly became a crowd favorite all over town. Brandt is also much-loved among other comedians, partly because he always buys them beer, but mostly because he is a loyal and encouraging friend.
After two years of comedy in Las Vegas he began to travel the country, performing all across the 50 states. He has since returned to Las Vegas and founded the legendary Backyard Comedy Show. In the Backyard Show, Brandt created an independent, grass-roots, censor- and clique-free forum for comics to do what they love to do, which is perform, without having to deal with the confines of typical Vegas-casino red tape. Some of America’s funniest stand-up comedians have come to town to perform with Brandt.
That’s where the story begins… You will be hearing a lot more from Brandt Tobler in the near future.







A little about your Headliner:

Lachlan Patterson

reference comedymix.com

Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Comedian Lachlan Patterson now lives in Los Angeles, California where he watches way too much television.
“He can turn the most unfortunate events of the human condition into laughs.”
-Crystal Kuhn, Beyond Robson

Patterson’s relaxed manner makes for a unique performance highlighting the many mistakes he has made throughout his life.

In his spare time Lachlan surfs the internet — cutting out things other people wrote about him and pasting them in his bio. “Patterson’s performance was not only unique and entertaining, but from sitting in the audience, you could see the passion he had for his comedy.”

Now in his 10th year of performing stand-up comedy, Lachlan is starting to make a name for himself in the industry, and that name is Lachlan Patterson.

You can catch his Comedy Central debut on Live at Gotham airing throughout the United States and Canada. Or you can just go to Europe and waste your life away.











A little about your Headliner:

Sam Tripoli

reference SamTripoli.com

Practitioner of the Deadly Art of Comedy

Sam Tripoli views comedy as a calling rather a profession. It’s a passion that he’s been preaching to audiences at comedy clubs across the country and on television, including Comedy Centrals’ “Premium Blend” (receiving only one of two standing ovations in the history of the show), a frolicsome turn as a male escort for E! Entertainment’s “Party @ the Palms,” “The Late Late Show on CBS”, “Comic Unleashed” and as a co-host of Spike TV’s “Wide World of Spike,” a comedy-action cult classic.   

On stage he’s a force of nature, pacing the stage like a cyclone of funny as he questions authority and the conventions of our society one moment, then earnestly expresses his affinity for the bizarre the next. His comedy has no limits – its whatever he’s thinking about, and that’s usually what everyone else is thinking about, even though sometimes we don’t like to admit to it. “I like to think of myself as the little voice in everyone’s head, except I have a microphone and I’m funnier,” Sam says.





A little about your Headliner:

Brian Scolaro

reference BrianScolaro.com


Brian Scolaro is an actor, writer, and stand-up comedian.

He is most known for being Doug on TBS's "SULLIVAN AND SON", Stuart on FOX's "STACKED", and Gordon on NBC's "THREE SISTERS". He has also acted on SHOWTIME'S "DEXTER," AMC's "MAD MEN", NBC'S "GO ON", ABC's "GREY'S ANATOMY," NBC's "HARRY'S LAW," TNT's "MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE", DISNEY'S "WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE," Bob Odenkirk's film "THE BROTHER'S SOLOMON", and numerous appearances on HBO'S "LIFE AND TIMES OF TIM." as well as many other programs and films.







A little about your Headliner:

Marc Patrick

reference MarcPatrick.com

Marc unknowingly began his comedy career in December 1996 while serving in San Diego, CA as a recruiter for the U.S. Air Force.  His sense of humor was discovered by accident, while giving a presentation to a class of inattentive high school students on the benefits of a military career.  Realizing his presentation was less than inspirational he decided to tell stories about his days in high school and compare them with the students in the room.  Not exactly inspiring them to “Aim High”, but it got their attention.  He left that day learning that if you make them laugh, you’ll keep their attention.  The comedian was taking shape.  He created a humorous presentation combining embellished stories about his Prom gone wrong to his First Job.  He seamlessly tied the benefits of the Air Force while conveying how intrinsically the Air Force changed his life and gave several scenarios as to how it could change theirs.  His presentations were a huge success and he was requested by teachers and administrators to speak to students in assemblies as well as the classroom.  As a result Marc was the Air Forces’ Top Recruiter for 3 consecutive years.  

The following summer Marc tested his comedy skills by entering the Gold Coast Comedy competition in 1998.  Armed with 1 joke the “Adoption Story” and material from his class presentation, he took 3rd place.  Continuing to work on material at local open mic nights, he decided to enter the Bay Area Black Comedy competition the following.  He submitted a VHS tape of a joke called “Checking Account” which got him into the competition, but not out of the first round.  However his performance caught the attention of comedy icons Michael Williams and Robert Sumner whose relationship proved instrumental in landing a spot on BET’s Comic View.  This experience proved invaluable and spurred Marc on to pursue is comedy career even though the demands of his Military Career made road work difficult to obtain because of scheduling constraints.  Still Marc remained steadfast in pursuit of his new found passion. 

Over the past Decade Marc, who prefers to work predominately clean has performed with several notable comedians to include:  Jim Gaffigan, Pablo Francisco, Kathleen Madigan, Kevin James, Steve Harvey, Sheryl Underwood, Bobby Collins, Robert Shimmel and many others.  According to Marc, “The journey towards comedic success has been slow and arduous, but I wouldn’t change a thing.”  His clever insight and hilarious depiction of everyday life make Marc a favorite in corporate circles and comedy clubs throughout the country.






A little about your Headliner:

Will Barcena

reference WillieBarcenca.com


A 20-year comedy veteran, never shys away from a challenge. Willie’s talent has garnered him 12 appearances on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” more than any other Latino Comedian in the history of the Tonight Show. Jay even invited Willie to perform for the troops in Afghanistan. Barcena helped provide much-needed laughter to that part of the world. Willie’s numerous jobs prepared him for his comedy career. His security guard, plumber, roofer, and limo driver gigs gave him a background for his humor about everyday life. After years of stand-up road work Willie is now ready for new challenges. He has written and performed a one-man show entitled “Cry Like a Man.” This highly acclaimed performance demonstrates the struggle of a blue-collar comic in today’s society. In addition to being a comedy road warrior, Willie has appeared on many TV shows including: “Moesha,” “The Wayans Brothers,” and he was chosen to be the host of the popular Si-Tv production “Latino Laugh Festival – The Show.” He’s also made multiple appearances on tours such as “Que Locos,” “Latino Laugh Festival,” “Montreal’s Just for Laughs,” and “Crown Royal Latin All Stars Comedy Explosion.” Most recently, Willie had his one hour Comedy Central which was received with raved reviews, but now hold on to your hat because he just shot his second one hour comedy special scheduled to premiere 2012, the year of the Mayan, go figure.






A little about your Headliner:

KT Tatara

reference kttatara.com

KT Tatara’s comedy is sometimes brutally honest but always funny. His logic-based opinions provide unique insight into timeless topics such as gender roles and race. KT performs across the United States and is one of the most requested comedians on the college circuit. He lives in Los Angeles where he can be seen nightly at the top comedy clubs.

In 2006, KT was featured as one of the top “New Faces of Comedy” at the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, Canada. Following his stellar performance there, KT has been invited back to the festival several times. At the 2008 Just For Laughs Festival in Toronto, he starred in the stand-up comedy special “The Colour Of Funny,” which was broadcast in Canada on the CBC network.

As a comedian, KT has made television appearances on Comedy Central’s “Live at Gotham,” Showtime’s “Live Nude Comedy,” MTV’s “MVP’s” and the nationally syndicated show, “Comics Unleashed.” As an actor, KT has co-starred on CBS’s “How I Met Your Mother” and has had recurring roles on ABC Family’s “Greek” and Showtime’s “Californication.”




Greg Wilson

Q&A with our headliners...

Getting to Know Your Headliner: The Greg Wilson

by Ali Lerman 10/27/13


There are many shows to see while you are in Las Vegas but when you are in need of a good laugh, there is nowhere better to go than LA Comedy Club located inside Bally’s.  This week’s headliner is The Greg Wilson and we asked him a few questions so you can get familiar with the man behind the jokes before you come out to see him.

When: October 29th- November 3rd

Q: Since you’ll be in Vegas for Halloween, do you have plans to dress up and hit the town?

A: I am dressing up! I will be the tooth fairy with a tutu, tights, and wings. I’m committing to the whole thing! My girlfriend is also coming out and she will be the tooth.

Q: Wow. You should definitely wear that on stage one night! So how exactly did the “The” come into play with your name?

A: Well, the “The” thing was really out of a necessity because there is a well-known magician named Greg Wilson. So it was really just about separating because he had the website and everything like that under Greg Wilson. I always felt like he should have been “The Amazing Greg Wilson” or something like that.  Anyway, at the time though, nobody had done anything like that in stand-up and people thought adding the “The” was the most arrogant thing ever. Now with Twitter and stuff like that, everyone is adding a “the” to separate themselves and I feel like I kind of really launched that! [Laughs.]

Q: Aside from stand-up, you’re also great on-air. How did you hook up with Angie Everhart for your podcast, "Hot n Heavy?"

A: It’s interesting because in L.A., everybody knows somebody. I happen to be very good friends with a gal who’s a publicist, and she happens to be best friends with Angie Everhart. One night Angie was all bummed out and her friend was like, have you ever seen The Greg Wilson perform? It turned out that she had never even been to a comedy club so they came out to see me. She wasn’t so much a super fan of stand-up comedy but she loved what I did because I’m kind of insane, out of control, and wild. She called me up after and left me a message saying she wanted to do something with me. Then we ended up at our friend Super Bowl party and Angie and I wound up in a room making really funny comments, talking crap, and being snarky for the entire length of the game. She was like, what can we do with this? I suggested a podcast and that’s really how it started!

Q: It’s so cool that you’re on Breal.TV also. It must be a blast working with B-Real!

A: Oh yeah it is! I mean, B-Real is a legend in hip-hop and he is still so relevant and vital! We were on two different networks before Breal.TV. My friend was telling B-Real that she has a buddy with a show and B-Real was like, bring him on! We had a wild time and it was so much fun. I told him that I had this other show with Angie Everhart and since B-Real was a big 90’s star and Angie was a big 90’s star, he immediately was excited. Breal.TV had no show with a really hot female host and they had no comedy show so, B-Real thought it would be great and that is how we wound up over there. It just worked out really terrific.

Q: Give folks the scoop on what they can expect when they come see you at the LA Comedy Club.

A: It’s all gonzo style because for me, it’s not a scripted act. There is a script and I can use it, but every show is different. In every show something is going to happen that isn’t going to happen in another show and if you’re part of the audience, you’re part of the show! That I think is what makes my comedy show different than a lot of the other comic’s shows. I’m looking for something unique, wild, and different to happen. It’ll be something that you can’t recreate and that will have you talking about it forever because it was wild and momentary. I always look for opportunities to get out into the audience and to get the audience on stage and make them part of the experience, but in a way that they can’t control! [Laughs.]

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